Looking for where to buy Nintendo Switch? Yes, the 3-plus-year-old console is still a fairly hot item (take that PS5 and Xbox Series X). The Switch can still be a bit hard to find as well (but the Switch Lite is a better story). So, we’ve put together all the resources for where to buy Nintendo Switch.

You’ll find a Nintendo Switch Lite at many stores, and we recommend Best Buy because they have the best range of console colors and bundles. You’ll easily pick one up for $199. And they’re actually at their regular retail price, unlike how other outlets are marking up the Switch — or bundling it with stuff nobody asked for. If you want the main Nintendo Switch console itself, that’s a different issue. In the time since we last checked, the Switch is only available at a few places. Amazon is one of them, but they’re only taking backorders. On the bright side, some retailers listed below are offering Switch bundles that’ll get the console in your hands sooner rather than later and close to the MSRP to boot, if you’re willing to cough up a little extra money for packaged-in games.


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