It’s tough to find Cyber Monday deals on a Nintendo Switch, but it’s not impossible. All you have to do is be willing to wait a few weeks — and you’ll even get some fancy kitchenware for your troubles.

GameStop is currently selling the Nintendo Switch for $299, with a guaranteed arrival date of December 15 or sooner. You can get the console with either colored or gray Joy-Cons, and you’ll also get a set of four Super Mario pint glasses (usually $40) for free.

Nintendo Switch with Neon Joy-Cons: $299 @ GameStop
You can order the Nintendo Switch at GameStop for its regular retail price right now, and you’ll receive it by December 15. In addition to Nintendo’s wildly popular hybrid portable system, you’ll also get a free set of Super Mario glassware, which usually costs $40 by itself.View Deal

Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Cons: $299 @ GameStop
This deal is exactly the same as the Nintendo Switch with Neon Joy-Cons listed above, except this system has Gray Joy-Cons instead. The two products are identical otherwise, and both come with the free Mario glassware.View Deal

super mario

(Image credit: GameStop)

This Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deal really is as straightforward as it sounds. GameStop doesn’t have the Nintendo Switch in stock this very second, but it advertises: “Buy now, receive or pick up on 12/15/2020.” (That’s ten days before Christmas, and smack-dab in the middle of Hanukkah.) The four pint glasses you get are GameStop-exclusive merchandise, and feature prints of Mario, Peach, Luigi and Yoshi. Considering how many Switches are getting usurious markups at third-party retailers right now, this is an excellent deal.


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