Last week, my colleague Tom Pritchard defended physical media in an era of digital consoles. The PS5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S, he argued, are a fool’s bargain, as they lock you into restrictive, expensive ecosystems where you ultimately have no control over the content you buy. While I can’t argue with his points about selection and ownership, I do think that there’s one big concern that he overlooked: space.

Put simply, physical media takes up a ton of space, particularly if you want to hang onto boxes as well as the discs themselves. This presents a particularly pernicious problem for apartment-dwellers, but even folks with full houses at their disposal know all too well the perils of having too much stuff. What we value in movies, music, video games and even books isn’t the physical form of the object; it’s the experiences that they offer. Those come across just as well digitally as physically.

If you have a ton of empty space at your disposal and feel that physical media is decorative, I can see the appeal. Otherwise, it’s time to embrace the 21st century and go digital. 

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)


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