Keyboard and mouse might be the old standards of the PC platform, but they’re by no means the only way to game on a computer. Native support for Xbox controllers and a wide range of other dual-analog controllers are now commonplace, and sometimes recommended, for PC games. Whether you’re cracking out that fancy Xbox One Elite, or picking from our list of recommended controllers, these are 15 big PC titles you should be playing with a gamepad.

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Don’t let its beautiful cartoon visuals fool you — Cuphead is a punishing bullet-hell platformer in which the slightest mistimed move will get you killed. As such, you’re going to need the precision of a traditional controller, particularly one with a very good d-pad. Playing Cuphead with a controller will give you much finer control over your movement, and will make it far easier to jump, shoot and launch special attacks all at once.

arkham knight

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Batman: Arkham Knight


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