BOSTON – When I had the chance to play Outriders at PAX East 2020, I very nearly turned it down. I heard that the game was going to be a live-service looter-shooter, akin to Destiny or Anthem, and that’s just not a very appealing mix for me. I tend to enjoy solo games with defined endings. But when I heard that People Can Fly was the developer behind Outriders, I simply had to try it for myself.

In case you’re not familiar with People Can Fly, it’s the Polish developer behind cult-classic shooters like Painkiller, Bulletstorm and Gears of War: Judgment. While the company’s games don’t always have the most coherent storylines, I can’t think of a single company that makes shooting feel more weighty or satisfying. Mechanically, People Can Fly’s games are things of beauty, and that alone made Outriders worth checking out.


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