BOSTON – On the one hand, Astro ID is all about aesthetics. On the other hand, it’s perhaps the deepest level of customization I’ve ever seen in a gaming headset. That’s because you don’t simply buy an Astro ID headset and tweak it after the fact; you get to design it from scratch. To demonstrate how the system worked, Astro put together a custom headset for me on the PAX East show floor, and there’s a very good chance that no one else on Earth will design quite the same one.

I met with a rep from Astro right behind a gigantic row of display cases. Each case contained about a dozen Astro A40 headsets. But unlike traditional A40s, which are either black or white with, perhaps, some colorful tags on the earcups, no two of these colorful headsets was alike. Some of them had red or blue chassis; some of them had pink microphones or yellow headbands. Most of them were absolutely gorgeous, and quite unlike the standard solid black gaming headset from most manufacturers.

(Image credit: Future)

Astro ID design


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