BOSTON – 30XX is, perhaps, the best game I played at PAX East 2020. That’s high praise, considering it had to contend with some big-budget entries in beloved series, and fresh new titles from major developers. But this indie sequel captured my attention like no other game at the show. The only reason I’m not yet counting down the days until its release is because it doesn’t have a solid release date.

This side-scrolling action game is a sequel to 20XX: a game that came out a few years on Steam, and received PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch ports more recently. The premise was simple enough: What if Mega Man X were a roguelike? And what if it offered cooperative gameplay? With tight gameplay, attractive graphics and a catchy soundtrack, 20XX was an instant cult hit, and 30XX looks even better.

(Image credit: Batterystaple Games)

30XX gameplay


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