SAN JOSE, CA – When I first demoed the Oculus Touch controllers back in 2018, I was blown away at the ease of use and overall comfort. And when they finally launched, they became the best way to interact with VR headsets, until now.

I just demoed Oculus’ latest controllers and I’ve gotta say, they’re better than anything I’ve used thus far. Which makes sense because they’re my own two hands.

Oculus Quest: The case for hand tracking

(Image credit: Future)

Early next year, Oculus is rolling out hand tracking on its self-contained system, the Oculus Quest. I went hands-on with the new tech at Oculus Connect 6 and while it’s not quite ready for primetime, the potential is definitely there. Facebook VR Product Lead, Erick Tseng is definitely excited about the new technology and its potential use cases.


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