Super Mario Maker 2 offers near endless possibilities for creating the Mario courses of your dreams, from classic side-scrolling romps that evoke the NES days to puzzle-filled escape rooms and even go-kart races. However, the sheer amount of options in Nintendo’s excellent new level-creating game can be overwhelming, and there are plenty of hidden creation tools that the game doesn’t explicity call out. Whether you’re looking to make your first courses or want to take your level-making skills to new heights, here are 13 essential tips for creating cool stuff in Super Mario Maker 2.

Play in handheld mode (and use a stylus)

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Super Mario Maker 2’s button controls for TV mode work fine after some getting used to, but nothing beats the immediacy and accuracy of being able to sketch out levels on your Switch’s touchscreen. For extra precision, we recommend picking up a cheap stylus for your Nintendo Switch, which will make the game feel more like its Wii U and 3DS incarnations.

Play story mode

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Playing Super Mario Maker 2’s story mode is a great way to get inspired to make your own levels, as each Nintendo-made course is typically based around a specific mechanic. Getting through story mode will also net you a handful of new parts to use in creation mode, as well as some new outfit options for your Maker avatar.

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