With Super Mario Maker 2 finally here, it’s easy to miss the built-in stylus from the Wii U Gamepad days, but you don’t have to settle for your fingers as you attempt to sketch out the perfect Mario level. We purchased several off-brand styli to test on the Nintendo Switch, from super-cheap models with rubber tips to electronic options with an active tip.

After running multiple tests, from commanding an army of Pokémon in Pokémon Quest to micromanaging vault dwellers in Fallout Shelter, we found that all of these styli work for the Nintendo Switch. They even work through a glass screen protector, which is what I use on my own Switch. The best time to buy a stylus (and other Nintendo Switch accessories) will most likely be on Amazon Prime Day, so keep an eye on our coverage.

Here are the best styli you can get for Nintendo Switch:

AccuPoint Active Stylus

Tips: Active, Fibermesh | Weight: 16 grams


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