LOS ANGELES — Fresh off the plane, I’m standing in line to see EA and Respawn’s latest love letter to geeks like myself. The anticipation only heightens when I see the art on the wall as I’m ushered into a darkened theater (No gameplay? Boo!). A hush falls over the crowd and my first taste of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (available on PC, PS4 and Xbox starting November 15, 2019).

The scene opens on Kashyyyk, where we meet our protagonists, Cal Kestis and his adorable bot BD-1. They swim towards a pair of AT-ATs covered in marine foliage. Kestis starts to climb one of the massive mobile battle tanks, making his way to the cockpit, dispatching the pilots. Commandeering the AT-AT Kestis assaults an Empire stronghold, causing Saw Gerrera to drop in and investigate the newcomers.


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