LOS ANGELES – The Ghost Recon series has carved out a pretty neat little niche for itself as one of the only open-world military shooters on the market. Ghost Recon Wildlands established that the formula would work; now, Ghost Recon Breakpoint aims to refine it by making it more realistic than ever.

Headshots are lethal and enemies employ nuanced tactics, just as before. But now, you’ll also have to grapple with hostile terrain, semi-permanent wounds and setting up camps out in the wilderness. The tradeoff is that teamwork has become even more vital, and every victory feels that much sweeter than before.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

I went hands-on with Breakpoint at E3 2019, and to be perfectly honest, I had a great deal of trouble getting acclimated to the game. Breakpoint is complicated and unforgiving. You can’t simply approach an enemy base and make up a plan as you go. Enemy patrols swarm the roads; enemy drones try to scout you from overhead; enemy radio operators will call in reinforcements if they see anything even remotely suspicious. The only way to survive is to coordinate with your teammates – and while you can play solo, the ideal experience is with three other players.


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