TAIPEI, TAIWAN – When it comes to gaming keyboards, everyone has a certain clickiness and actuation preference, especially for certain games. But while you could adjust the actuation on some keys, doing the whole keyboard was a fever dream until today. SteelSeries just announced the Apex Pro and Apex Pro TKL. Available starting June 11 for $199 and $179 respectively, these keyboards may just be the most customizable mechanical keyboards in the world.

When I walked into the SteelSeries suite, the farthest wall was awash in undulating RGB light. I soon discovered it was the company’s Apex line of laptops that are lightweight a glowing with per key customizable RGB goodness. Some of the keyboards were outfitted with different color switches: brown, red and blue (my favorite), and then there’s the Apex Pro.

The Apex Pro is a full-sized keyboard that features a num pad while the Pro TKL is a more compact setup without the 10 keys. Hence the TKL moniker — ten keyless.

The Pro is outfitted with SteelSeries clear proprietary OminPoint adjustable switches. In practice they feel like somewhere in between blue and red switches. Using magnetic sensors and the company’s SteelSeries engine software, choosy gamers and typists can adjust each keys’ actuation point. The technology allows for significant range. I barely had to press on keys that were program to actuate at 0.4 millimeters while others set to the maximum 3.6mm forced me to fully depress the key.


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