SAN FRANCISCO — If you’re a child of the ’80s, quick! Drop whatever you’re doing and go watch the trailer for Stranger Things 3. We’ve done this dance twice before now. A new season of the hybrid horror show drops, we eat it up in a few days, and then have to twiddle our thumbs for a year or more before another installment drops. Well, Stranger Thing 3: The Game will help ease the wait, since as soon as you’re done watching the kids’ latest adventure in Hawkins, Indiana, you can play it yourself — or with a friend.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

I went hands-on with Stranger Things 3 at GDC 2019, and while I’ve generally been more of a polite fan of the show than a true aficionado (I liked this story better when it was called Firestarter), the game seems like just the right kind of retro. You’ll take control of 12 different characters from the show in an isometric action/puzzle game, which draws a little from Zelda and a little from Streets of Rage. The title will be out on the Switch July 4, to coincide with the Season 3 release on Netflix; pricing hasn’t been announced yet.


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