SAN FRANCISCO — Three years into this generation of virtual-reality platforms, we’ve had a few good VR games, but not every genre has made the transition smoothly. It’s relatively easy to do first-person exploration games, or simulations, or even first-person shooters in VR, but 3D gaming’s bread-and-butter — the action/adventure game — has proven notoriously difficult to adapt.

Stormland could change all of that, as long as you’ve got a strong stomach.

(Image credit: Insomniac)

I had a chance to try Stormland for myself at GDC 2019 here this week, and I was impressed by just how few concessions the game makes to the standard VR formula. Whereas many VR games streamline or shorten traditional game elements, Stormland has everything you’d expect from an action/adventure title, from platforming sections, to upgradable weaponry, to a detailed story in a creative sci-fi setting.


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