Now that the Xbox One finally has mouse and keyboard support, Razer is delivering the ultimate solution for clicking and typing away from the couch. At CES 2019, Razer gave us some hands-on time with the Turret, the world’s first official wireless keyboard and mouse made specifically for the Xbox One.

The new Turret is the successor to a model we reviewed in late 2016, which was designed for living room gaming from a desktop. You can preorder this Xbox edition from the Microsoft store today for $249.99, with an expected ship date before Apr. 1.

I battled through a couple of waves of enemies in the defense strategy game X-Morph Defense during my demo of the Turret mouse and keyboard. Right away, I noticed how responsively the peripherals behaved. I didn’t experience any lag or connectivity issues, even though I was sitting a fair distance away from the console. Better yet, the keyboard and mouse use the same unified dongle to achieve a 2.4 GHz connection with the Xbox One. Razer rates the product’s battery life at 40 hours.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

But by far the most impressive part of the Turret is its adaptive lighting system. I’ve always appreciated Razer’s dedication to Chroma RGB lighting, and the Turret certainly didn’t let me down. Not only can you customize the color of each key on the keyboard, but the RGB light can actually react to what is happening on-screen.


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