With the release of Just Cause 4, we’re now four titles into the chaotic open-world action series, and gamers are still left asking, “Where’s the multiplayer?” Single-player games are all well and good, but for this series to survive, Just Cause multiplayer needs to happen. Here’s why.

Pure Chaos

Let’s get this out of the way: Just Cause 4’s gameplay is awesome. Avalanche Studios committed to an incredible overhaul of the grappling-hook gadgets. The game arms you with the Retractor, Air Lifters and Boosters, and you can customize and combine these gadgets in a multitude of ways to create your desired outcome.

For example, if I set one of my loadouts to airlift a car upon immediate attachment, I can also set Boosters that will activate only if I tap Up on the D-Pad. There’s even an option to enable a third setting for holding Up on the D-Pad. On top of that, I can adjust the intensity of each gadget I’m using.

The desired effect could speedily lift a car off the road, and upon activation, I could make the vehicle spin out of control to its death using an attached Booster. That’s just one example. Another includes five cows, five boosters, five balloons and a red barrel, but I think you get the idea. The options are endless.

A staple of the Just Cause series, and the thing that makes it so unique, is its set of traversal methods. Why would you want to drive or pilot to your objective when you could easily parachute and wingsuit there in fashion?


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