Say you’ve already got a huge, wide-screen gaming monitor and a great surround-sound headset. How could you possibly make your PC gaming experience any more immersive?

Enter the Vortx.

Created by Whirlwind FX, this $120 accessory is billed as “the world’s first environmental simulator for PC gaming.” In other words, it blows hot and cold air at your face based on what’s happening on screen. Seriously.

At first glance, it’s easy to mistake the Vortx for a simple speaker. The device has an unassuming black, cylindrical design, with little more than a power button, an intensity knob and an adjustable nozzle where the air gets blasted out. But when you start gaming, the Vortx is anything but subtle.

The device uses a variety of algorithms to blow warm and cool air at various intensities based on the colors and sounds appearing on your screen and coming from your speakers. The hardware is plug-and-play and will work with pretty much any content that’s playing on your display, though you can tweak the air sensitivity and heat intensity using either the built-in knob or the Vortx Engine app.


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