SEATTLE — The appeal of the Torchlight series is easy enough to understand: slay monsters, earn loot, level up your skills, slay even bigger monsters. Rinse and repeat. If you grew up on the Diablo series, it’s like that, but with more cartoonish graphics and a more easygoing tone.

Unlike Diablo, though, Torchlight has generally been a single-player adventure, with very limited multiplayer features. Torchlight Frontiers aims to change that, by casting you as one adventurer among hundreds in a huge, shared world.

(Image credit: Perfect World)

I went hands-on with Torchlight Frontiers at PAX West, where I learned that it plays a lot like previous entries in the series, even if a lot of the character-building has changed. I got to experience two brand-new classes: the Dusk Mage, a ranged wizard who employs both light and dark magic; and the Forged, a steampunk robot armed with a sword and shield.


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