LOS ANGELES – Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag had two great features that the game never combined: naval combat and a multiplayer mode. It’s taken a few years, but Ubisoft has finally created Skull & Bones: a piratical multiplayer extravaganza, where players take on the roles of seafaring scoundrels in the final days of piracy on the high seas. While the game can feel a bit too chaotic at times, Skull & Bones provides players with plenty of opportunities to hunt for treasure, create impromptu fleets and forge their own destinies in the South Pacific.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

I went hands-on with a full multiplayer match in Skull & Bones at E3 2018, and got a little taste of everything. During my session, I hunted computer-controlled ships, did battle with other players, tracked down treasure, boarded enemy vessels and came to the rescue of my teammates. One thing is for sure: If I was able to do all this in roughly half an hour, players who make Skull & Bones their regular multiplayer selection won’t get bored easily.

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