I’m not going to lie, when it came out in 2016, The Division was my grindy spring bae. After playing months of Destiny, it was time for something new and Ubisoft and Tom Clancy were there to scratch that OMFPS (online multiplayer first-person shooter) itch. I played for a couple of months and moved onto the next game.

But it looks like come March 15, 2019, I’m going to be back in the kit kat again since that’s when The Division 2 launches. As I learned during E3 2018, this new title delivers the same tight combat as its predecessor with a few new improvements.

It’s been six months since the plague hit that brought America to a standstill. Millions of lives were lost, all because of a few smallpox-tainted dollar bills. The country’s still in disarray and it’s my job as an activated Division agent to set things right as best I can — with a helping hand and a whole lotta bullets.


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