LOS ANGELES – During the 20 or so minutes I got to play Spider-Man PS4, I couldn’t help but crack a big, dumb grin the entire time.

Between its tight combat, gorgeous visuals, and the way it makes swinging through New York City feel like an absolute joy, Insomniac’s upcoming open-world superhero romp is shaping up to be the Spidey game I’ve always wanted.

You can’t have a great Spider-Man game without great web-swinging, and that’s easily the best part of Spider-Man PS4 so far. Swinging from building to building is feels incredibly intuitive (just hold the R2 button, and you’re good to go). It wasn’t long before I was catching serious air, running on walls and zipping from perch to perch, and I could have easily spent hours just doing that. But the mechanics also seem deep and nuanced enough to be something you’ll actually have to get good at in order to truly soar like Spidey.

Unlike some of the less faithful Spider-Man games, you’ll have to attach your webs to actual buildings and can’t magically swing from the sky. Between moves like web swings, wall runs and web zips, there are a ton of movement mechanics to sink your teeth into, and I’m looking forward to spending a long time honing my swinging skills in order to traverse New York with maximum momentum.

My demo allowed me to freely explore the city while taking on missions and side activities, which gave me ample opportunity to get into a few brawls with some thugs. If you’ve ever played the Batman Arkham games, you’ll feel right at home with Spider-Man, which has a very similar rhythm of punching, dodging and building up your combo meter to perform special moves.


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