LOS ANGELES — Like clockwork, a new Forza game is hitting Xbox One and Windows 10 this fall. And while Forza Horizon 4 might not be the biggest surprise of E3, it brings an interesting new wrinkle to the beloved open-world racing series — and is as gorgeous and fun as the franchise has ever been.

The big new addition to Forza Horizon 4 is dynamic seasons, which will allow the game world to transition between spring, summer, fall and winter for all players, introducing new possibilities and hazards in real-time.

I got a bite-sized sample of each season in my demo, which had me briskly driving through autumn, sliding through the snow in a truck race, chasing down motorbikes and performing stunt jumps in spring, and enjoying the open roads in summer. Everything felt great, particularly the high-speed summer bit.

Even after I played a ton of Horizon 3, this new game feels delightfully fast when you’re going full-speed — there’s still nothing that feels quite as good as drifting through turns, destroying some shrubbery, and just barely passing your opponents as you rack up huge skill combos.


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