Skull & Co. Skin Thumb Grips (PS4, Switch Pro Controller)

Skull & Co. has, at least on the surface, provided a versatile pack of grips that sport an interesting stacking feature. Besides being the only grip pack on this list to feature standard thumb grips as well as silicone thumbsticks, it’s also the only product on this list that advertises the ability to stack grips, meaning if the thumbsticks aren’t high enough, you can add the grips on top of those for triple the height of your controller’s base thumbsticks. Couple that killer feature with the pack’s vibrant neon-green-and-pink color scheme, advertised as a direct ode to Nintendo’s Splatoon 2, and this pack looks absolutely perfect for anyone in need of DualShock 4 or Switch Pro Controller thumb grips. However, when we ran the product’s Amazon page’s reviews through Fakespot, they earned a poor score of D, which suggests a substantial number of this product’s reviews are either low-quality or artificial. Also notice that the other Skull & Co. product on this list is the only other item to score below a B on Fakespot, which suggests the company itself may have a hand in some of their own product reviews. With that in mind, buy at your own risk, and refer to customers’ images to see the actual product with your own eyes.

Average Amazon Rating: 4.5 Fakespot Rating: D

Credit: Skull & Co.


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