I’m imagining myself sitting at work playing Overwatch and mowing down some folks with Hanzo. Glancing over at my mouse, I see a notification scroll by stating I have 3 kills so far. Deftly maneuvering around the board evading attacks with intense speed and accuracy while dishing out some punishment of my own. With the $69.99 CoolerMaster MM830, that daydream could be a reality as soon as Q3 or Q4.

As with most peripherals, the MM830 is decked out in black plastic. Etchings along the sides of the device give it some character, but the thing that’s going to draw the most attention is the tiny amber LED panel along the mouse’s left side. Used in tandem with proprietary CoolerMaster software, the panel can be used to display information relevant to your gaming experiences such as the number of enemies killed or system diagnostics. During my demo, the panel scrolled a canned “Make It Yours” message, but the use implications are promising.


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