LOS ANGELES – Pixar films are generally the filet mignon to Disney’s strip steak. They’re two sides of the same cut of meat, the former is just a little bit better.

Disney movies are gorgeous, well-written, funny and memorable; Pixar movies are all of those things, too, but they’re also poignant, and sometimes even a little melancholy. If you guessed that those qualities would mesh well with a Japanese RPG, then you guessed correctly.

(Image credit: Square Enix)

I had a chance to go hands-on with Kingdom Hearts III (launching this fall for PS4 and Xbox One) at its premiere press event, and a deep dive with the Toy Story level convinced me of two things. First, that Kingdom Hearts III could be a return to form for the series, eschewing the convoluted game mechanics (but not the convoluted story) that came to define its experimental handheld spinoffs. Second, that Pixar films are such a natural fit for the Kingdom Hearts series, it’s truly bizarre that it took this long to see the crossover take place.


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