Sega 3D Classics Collection (3DS)

Of all the developers porting, remastering or remaking classics for newer platforms, it’s pretty safe to say none has as much reverence for its source material as M2. The Tokyo-based studio has been modernizing Sega classics, like Out Run and Streets of Rage, since the PS2 days, as part of the Japan-only Sega Ages anthology. But M2’s crowning achievement has to be Sega’s 3D Classics Collection, which lets you not only enjoy Sega’s greatest hits in spectacular 3D but gives you a boatload of exclusive features as well. This isn’t shoddy emulation, either — M2 actually rebuilt these games, so they run flawlessly. (Some of them, like Power Drift, never even left the arcades!) If you enjoy the 3D Classics Collection, you’ll also be pleased to know that M2 is working on a new Sega Ages compilation for the Switch, due out this summer. – Adam Ismail

Credit: Sega


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