The Sea of Thieves can be a harsh place for fledgling swashbuckler.

Rare’s new pirate sandbox adventure game throws you in the unforgiving world of pirate life without any life vest or even a tutorial, so it’s up to you the navigate yourself and your crew to pirate infamy. Thankfully, we put together some handy tips you should know before heading out to sea.

Know your factions and always be prepared

In of Sea of Thieves, you’ll pick up different voyages to go on from three different factions, the Gold Hoarders, Order of the Souls, and Merchant Alliance. Each voyage involves having you and crew sail around in dig up treasure chest, hunt down some skeletons, or capture livestock in order to turn in for gold and reputation that’ll unlock new cosmetic gear for your pirate and your ship. As you gain rep, the voyages become more elaborate requiring to solve a riddle or bounce around between a couple of islands in order to complete your objective. So stock up on bananas for health, wooden planks for repairs and cannonballs to fend off any bloodthirsty brigands.

Ship Sailing 101: the anchor is your friend, so is the wind

Once you’ve figured out where you’re sailing, there are a few things you should know about that’ll make your life easier on the seven seas.

First off, raise your anchor while your sails are still up. This will let you steer your ship in any direction without bumping into a pesky dock or some inconveniently placed rocks.


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