SAN FRANCISCO — Critics argue endlessly about the differences between Western and Japanese RPGs, but at least one thing is pretty clear: where each sub-genre comes from. Edge of Eternity, an upcoming game from French developer Midgar Studio, seeks to confuse even that straightforward distinction.

The game looks like a lost Final Fantasy title, and even contracted the beloved composer from Chrono Trigger. If you like the current look of the Final Fantasy series, but wish it still played like VI or VII, Edge of Eternity can scratch your turn-based itch.

(Image credit: Midgar Studio)

At GDC 2018, I got a chance to play through the first level of Edge of Eternity. Even having never touched the game before, I knew exactly what to do, based on almost two decades of experience with the series that inspired the game. Edge of Eternity’s early chapters focus on Daryon and Selen: two soldiers in a high-fantasy world, making their way through a cave to shelter themselves from a deadly snowstorm.


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