SAN FRANCISCO – The Oculus Go is coming soon, and it’s bringing a handful of exciting games with it.

We got our hands on the launch lineup for Oculus’ $199, fully standalone VR headset, which will include a mix of puzzle, space-shooting and board-game action. Oculus Go still has no set release date, but here’s a taste of what you’ll be playing on it when the untethered headset hits shelves later in 2018.

Anshar Online

Anshar Online is a multiplayer space shooter that lets up to 8 players duke it out in exciting VR dogfights. There’s also five-player co-op support, a special space racing mode and a total of 50 missions for you to blast your way through. The action in Anshar Online is fast, arcadey and easy to pick up and play, which should make it a good fit for Oculus’ play-anywhere headset.


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