SAN FRANCISCO – A few years ago, former BioWare writer Jennifer Hepler just about split the Internet in half when she said she’d like to play through RPGs without combat. Her reasoning was that building up relationships among her party members and the world around them could be a lot more interesting than simply trading blows with enemies.

BioWare hasn’t given up combat just yet, but Hepler’s comment got adventure game designer Dave Gilbert thinking: What if it could?

(Image credit: Wadjet Eye)

The result would probably look a lot like Unavowed: Gilbert’s latest point-and-click adventure title, which I got to try for myself at GDC 2018. It has all the hallmarks of a modern Western role-playing game: a diverse, interesting cast of party members; multiple ways to customize your protagonist’s identity and backstory; and a story that can change considerably depending on your choices.


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