Monster Hunter: World just landed on PS4 and Xbox One in a big way, giving many people who are new to the series the opportunity to play one of Japan’s most infamously complex action games for the first time. But while several changes have been made to Monster Hunter: World to help newcomers to the series, it can still be intimidating to jump in and grapple with the game’s many systems.

If you’re on the fence or think the game is too complicated, the following tips are for you. The action and satisfaction in Monster Hunter: World are hard to beat, and the sheer number of ways to play is sure to appeal to most fans of action games, so long as they’re able to scale the learning curve. So whether you plan to play with friends or just solo, here are some essential tips for starting your Monster Hunter: World journey.

1. Start with a simple weapon

You get your pick of all 14 weapons right out of the gate in Monster Hunter: World, but most of them revolve around managing resources and switching between different modes or stances. If that sounds overwhelming, note that the three simplest weapons for beginners are the hammer, the sword and shield, and the light bowgun.

The hammer is a simple and damage-dealer weapon that lets you knock out monsters by hitting them in the head and provides quick attack speed and moderate dodge speed. The sword and shield is faster, with greater defense and more flexibility. You can stun enemies with a shield bash and follow up with simple combos and charge attacks. The light bowgun uses multiple ammo types, which are finite and require crafting to replenish, but otherwise simplifies the game into a third-person shooter.

2. Mind your stamina and sharpness


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