You’ve got Siri, Cortana and Alexa. And now, you’ve got SAM, the world’s first gaming digital assistant.

Created by Ubisoft, SAM is designed to enhance your gameplay via tips, videos and witty game-based banter. The Ubisoft-exclusive digital assistant is currently in beta testing in Canada, with a larger rollout set for later this year. I had a chance to interact with SAM during a recent demo, and I’m honestly looking forward to using it.

Similar to other digital assistants, you can interact with SAM in one of two ways: voice or text in the Ubisoft Club mobile app. Once launched, SAM will check out your profile and latest game play and deliver information most relevant to your current progress. If you seem to be stuck at a certain part of a game, SAM will offer up Ubisoft-curated videos so you can figure out where you’re going wrong. SAM will also suggest specific challenges and key stats depending on the game. You’ll see some of this when you fire up a game of Rainbow Six: Siege.


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