Best Value: UBTech Jimu BuilderBots Kit

Ages: 10+

UBTech’s Jimu robot kits are among the best, thanks to their fantastic build quality, powerful mobile app and dead-simple build instructions. The company makes over half a dozen different sets, but the BuilderBot kit provides the best combination of value and versatility. For under $100, you get the choice of building two different robots, each with rolling treads for movement, a scoop for grabbing objects, an infrared sensor for avoiding objects and a colorful LED light.

Available for iOS and Android, the Jimu app has the best build instructions we’ve seen, with great 3D animations of each step and the ability to rotate the image and view from any angle. The durable plastic building blocks look and feel a lot like Lego Technics pieces.,so you can also use them for custom creations.

Using the software, you can manually control your robot or program extremely complex movements. Younger kids will enjoy the build process and manual control, but the very detailed programming feature is better for older children or those with more coding experience.


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