Sorcery! Series (Android, iOS: $4.99/episode)

One of the best gamebook app series in recent memory is also an excellent revival of one of the best paperback gamebook series. Steve Jackson’s Sorcery series received a brilliant digital reimagining at the hands of Inkle, staying true to Sorcery’s “choose your path” style adventures while also improving the presentation with combat minigames and a detailed map that shows the path and choices you make on the quest to restore the Crown of Kings. Cross-episode saves let you bring your character forward into the game’s later episodes, and the entire saga is now complete, letting you explore the full story from Sorcery!: The Shamutanti Hills (Android, iOS), to Khare, the City of Traps (Android, iOS), The Seven Serpents (Android, iOS), and the penultimate episode, The Crown of Kings (Android, iOS)


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