SEATTLE – Remember when first-person shooters were about running and gunning rather than hiding behind cover and whittling down enemy health bars? Developers Terri Vellman and Doesone do, and they want you to remember, too.

High Hell, the studio’s new stripped-down FPS, promises and delivers exactly one thing: a high-octane shooter where “one shot, one kill” applies to both you and your enemies, and failure is just an encouragement to try again.

I played through a few levels of High Hell at PAX West 2017. A developer described it to me as “the Hotline Miami of first-person shooters,” and I could immediately tell why. Like Hotline Miami, High Hell is all about short, trippy levels where both you and your enemies die in one hit. Kill everything that moves, burn any money you come across, then jump off a building and parachute to safety once you’re done. If a level takes more than five minutes, you’re doing it wrong.


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