SEATTLE – When you think of genres that work really well in virtual reality, a few immediately spring to mind: shooters, racers, simulations and perhaps adventure games. Real-time strategy is probably not near the top of that list, and yet if Brass Tactics is any indication, it’s a surprisingly good fit. This RTS comes from some of the veteran developers behind Age of Empires II, and its pedigree shows in both its solid mechanics and its visual polish.

(Image credit: Oculus)

I played Brass Tactics at PAX West 2017. While it’s the second time I’ve gone hands-on with the title, it’s the first time I got to play through the game’s tutorial and its single-player skirmish mode. Playing a real-time strategy with the Oculus VR touch controllers isn’t quite as intuitive as using a mouse and keyboard, but the tradeoff is a completely immersive play area, which is its own reward.


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