SEATTLE – Cooking games are usually pretty simple affairs. You find some ingredients, you follow a recipe, you play some minigames and see how your dish turned out in the end. Battle Chef Brigade technically follows the same formula; the difference is in the execution.

Your recipes are handed down by flamboyant judges, Iron Chef-style. You punch, kick and stab dangerous monsters to procure ingredients. You play a fairly involved match-3 game to cook, complete with power-ups and high scores. In short: Battle Chef Brigade is very weird and kind of wonderful.

(Image credit: Trinket Studios)

I got some hands-on time with Battle Chef Brigade at PAX West 2017, and the best way I can explain it is “Iron Chef as an over-the-top anime.” You play as Mina Han, a lazy but creative cook in her family’s humble restaurant. Mina’s ambitious cooking eventually lands her smack-dab in an ongoing competition, where she crosses paths with orcs, two-headed giants and demons – all of whom also want to prove that they’re the world’s greatest cooks.


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