Thanks to Prime Day, it’s more affordable than ever to get the daylight scared out of you. The PS4 version of Prey — one of our favorite games of the year — is now on sale for $29.99, a 50-percent discount from its original list price of $59.

The game places you in the shoes of Morgan Yu, a crew-member on board the Talos 1 space station, which is orbiting the moon in the year 2032. Yu’s situation quickly turns pear-shaped, as the other people on board become missing or dead. Of course, inky-black aliens are responsible, and they’re really good at a game they’ve started that’s called “hide and go kill you.”

In fact, they can disguise themselves as practically any object — even cups, tools and clipboards aren’t safe — a perfect way to fill gamers with paranoia.

If that sounds like your cup of gaming tea, but you don’t own a PS4, you’re not out of luck. Prey is also available for Xbox ($39.94) and PC ($44.97), but its best price can be found for the PS4.


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