You’ve just picked up a shiny new controller to play PC games like Dark Souls 3 and Rocket League the way they were meant to be played. Now what?

Photo: Jeremy Lips / Tom’s Guide

Setting up one of the best PC game controllers on your gaming desktop or laptop is incredibly straightforward for the most part, though there are some small differences between peripherals you should know about. Here’s how to get started with your gamepad of choice.

Xbox One and Xbox 360 Controllers

Microsoft’s Xbox controllers are the gold standard for PC gaming, largely because of how simple they are to use. If you have an Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller, simply plug it into your PC’s USB port, wait a few seconds for some drivers to download, and you’re good to go.

Photo: Jeremy Lips / Tom's Guide

Photo: Jeremy Lips / Tom’s Guide

If you want to connect your Xbox controller wirelessly, you have a few options. You can buy a wireless adapter for your Xbox One or 360 controller that plugs into a USB port and picks up your gamepad’s signal. Newer Xbox One controllers feature Bluetooth, so you can connect those by simply opening Settings > Devices > Bluetooth in Windows.


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