LOS ANGELES – Even if you’ve never heard of Skydance Media, you’ve probably seen some of its films. The production company has worked on movies from Star Trek Beyond to Baywatch, and from True Grit to World War Z. The company believes that virtual reality is the next great storytelling frontier, and has put its money where its mouth is with Archangel: a polished VR action game about war, loyalty and giant mechs.

(Image credit: Skydance Interactive)

I went hands-on with Archangel at E3 2017, and although VR tends to make me a little sick, I can’t say no to taking control of giant robots. In the dystopian near-future, two forces duke it out over the ruins of downtown Chicago: a fascistic outfit with drones, tanks and foot soldiers, and a group of ostensible freedom fighters armed with transport ships and, of course, a six-story tall metallic battle exoskeleton.


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