LOS ANGELES – Before E3 2017, I didn’t know that I needed yet another Dragon Ball Z fighting game in my life. Then Dragon Ball FighterZ came along and kamehameha’d my expectations. This 2D fighting game from the team behind the Guilty Gear series doesn’t just look gorgeous; it plays like a dream, with fast, fluid combos and plenty of opportunity for strategic character combinations.

(Image credit: Bandai)

I went hands on with Dragon Ball FighterZ at Bandai Namco’s booth on the E3 2017 show floor, and although I only got one match in, I could have stayed for much, much longer. Dragon Ball FighterZ is, unsurprisingly, a fighting game that features the colorful characters and over-the-top fighting style from the Dragon Ball Z anime. To win, you’ll need to string together flashy punches, kicks, and special moves, including aerial techniques and teleports.


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