I’ve logged a lot of time in virtual reality, particularly with the PC-powered HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Both systems have their strengths and weakness, but the most annoying part about both devices is the cord. Both headsets offer the semi-freedom of room scale. I say semi, because of the long snaking cables tethering you to a desktop or laptop. But liberation might be coming soon from an unlikely source

DisplayLink recently came to the Tom’s Guide offices to give us an exclusive look at a newly-updated, latency-free version of its wireless VR headset, the DisplayLink XR. Attached to a VR headset in the form of a lightweight black box positioned at the back of the Rift or Vive, the XR eliminates those pesky wires for true freedom of movement in VR. The rather exciting technology comes from something you might already have on your desk, a standard DisplayLink-powered laptop dock.


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