Even though my generation waxes nostalgic about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers at the drop of a hat, I think we can admit that story was never its strong suit. The first season alone has 60 episodes; perhaps fifteen of them advance the paper-thin plot. No, the fun part about Power Rangers was watching just enough to gather the basic setup for creating your own adventures with the toys. Chroma Squad, from Brazilian indie developer Behold Studios, is a Power Rangers toybox for adults — and it’s a pretty darn entertaining strategy/role-playing game, to boot.

With its tongue firmly planted in its cheek, Chroma Squad debuted on Steam a few years ago, and while it’s admittedly a niche title, it’s everything its target audience wanted it to be. The game follows a team of five stuntmen (you can customize them) who are tired of being stand-ins for the big stars in a Power Rangers-style show. They strike out on their own, armed with SD cameras, cardboard props and a shoestring budget — but soon find themselves wrapped up in what could be a real intergalactic adventure.


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