The Razer Lancehead is an ambitious new mouse from Razer that could have something special to offer tournament players — eventually. The Lancehead’s big selling point is that it can store up to four onboard profiles, none of which require Razer’s Synapse software to run. At the moment, though, the software to make the feature work is not available, meaning that the Lancehead is more or less just another all-purpose RGB gaming mouse. And, taken on its own merits, it’s a pretty good one.

Chiral conformations

Razer, as a company, has generally been pretty good about putting out both right- and left-handed variants of its mice, but the company’s ambidextrous models haven’t been as good. The Lancehead is Razer’s first ambidextrous mouse that really seems to work. It doesn’t offer a passable experience for lefties; it offers a great experience, regardless of your dominant hand.

Although the Lancehead comes in a wireless version ($140), Razer sent along the wired Lancehead Tournament Edition ($80) for us to try first. Imagine an ambidextrous DeathAdder Elite, and that’s about the sum of it. The Lancehead has a comfortable low profile that favors claw grips, and it has textured grips, as well as thumb buttons, on either side.


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