The Samsung CFG70 is the kind of high-end gaming monitor that rarely goes on sale. It’s one of the first to use quantum-dot technology and it also boasts a super-fast 1ms response time. Although it traditionally retails for $349.99, Amazon currently has it for $279.99, which is the second-best price we’ve ever seen for this monitor. (It briefly hit $263 during the holidays).

The 24-inch monitor offers 1080p resolution and a curved design, the latter of which was added to make your gaming sessions more immersive. It also has some useful features that are bound to help gamers of all experience levels.

For instance, it has a dual-hinge design that makes it very easy to adjust. A small LED light beneath the screen also casts a cool, blue glow on the LCD’s base. The LED can be programmed to pulsate with the audio of your PC for some epic gaming sessions.

In terms of performance, the CFG70 doesn’t disappoint. In our tests, we could easily distinguish characters during crowded battle scenes and in fighting games — where too much latency can mean the difference between losing or winning — the CFG70 again impressed us with no visible lag whatsoever. 

Overall, the CFG70 is an amazing monitor that any gamer can appreciate. Impressive color, fast response time, FreeSync support, and its temporary price cut should place this high on any gamer’s list.


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