Twitch is no longer just a place to watch people play video games — it’s also a place to buy them.

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The Amazon-owned livestreaming service has rolled out the ability to instantly purchase some of the games you spend hours binge watching, starting with roughly 50 titles that includes such heavy hitters as For Honor and Batman: The Telltale Series. Doing so will get you some extra digital goodies you can use on Twitch, while partnered streamers will get a 5 percent revenue cut of any games bought from their channels.

To buy a game on Twitch, simply open up a stream of one of the supported games, or go to that game’s hub page (you can view a list of buyable titles here). From there, you’ll just have to click on the big purple buy button and then log in to your Amazon account.

Finally, to finish the transaction, you just have to connect your account to that game’s respective client. For example, Ubisoft games like Ghost Recon: Wildlands require a Uplay account, while titles such as The Walking Dead require the Twitch desktop app. To access your purchased games, simply open up the app that it’s tied to. 


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