Gather ‘round, children, because it’s time to share some gaming history with you. Back in 1995, LucasArts created a point-and-click adventure game about bad-ass bikers, complete with leather-clad tough guys, motorcycle combat and Mark Hamill as a villainous vice president. Full Throttle was lightning in a bottle, and a Remastered version is on its way — even though it doesn’t really work yet.

I went hands-on with Full Throttle Remastered at GDC 2017 this week, and I was shocked to find that every demo station I saw for it was empty. Surely, I thought, kids today simply can’t appreciate what a classic they’re missing. After all, what’s not to like about Full Throttle? After a high-octane opening cinematic with the Deep Purple-themed Legacy by the Gone Jackals blasting in the background, players take control of a biker named Ben. Ben has been framed and left for dead, and only his mad skills with a motorcycle can set things right — well, that and his logical thinking through ‘90s-era LucasArts puzzles, anyway.


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