I’ve explored plenty of abandoned space stations in video games, but few of them felt so strangely alive as the one I spent 15 minutes wandering through in Tacoma.

Created by the folks behind the hit adventure game Gone Home, Tacoma (due later this year for Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux) looks to bring Gone Home’s exploration and environmental storytelling to space, providing snippets of a story that I now desperately want to know more about.

In Tacoma, you play as an astronaut tasked with retrieving an AI from a defunct space station. As I freely floated through the station’s entrance, I couldn’t help but stare out at the stars and planets just outside the window. Tacoma isn’t a VR game (developer Fullbright currently has no plans for that), but I immediately felt immersed in the world that this first-person adventure laid out in front of me.


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