The castle was under siege. The steady barrage of arrows and catapult-flung boulders were steadily wearing down my fellow soldiers. And it’s anyone’s guess how long the wooden drawbridge would hold against the battering ram crashing into it. An arrow suddenly protruding out the back of one my formerly living archers signaled that the time for thinking was over. It was up to me and it was time to act. I picked up my sword and raced to hold off the invaders.

This is the world of For Honor (Launching Feb. 14 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One), a gritty world where you’re fighting for honor, to protect or because you just feel like it. Described as a melee action game, Ubisoft’s latest title lets players fight as Knights, Samurai or Vikings. Gamers can choose to fight solo or bring a friend (or lover) and go co-op. Because honestly, what’s more romantic that decapitating an enemy warrior together? Nothing, that’s what.

It’s Dangerous to Go Alone (But You Can)


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